The importance of academic mentorship is sometimes not well understood by those who have never experienced its benefits and wonders. I was incredibly fortunate to complete my fellowship and continue on as an Assistant Professor of Surgery at Northwestern, where I found an amazing surgeon who decided to take me under her wing. She often writes and lectures on mentorship and the different types of mentors; she is all of them: the parent, the patron, the godfather, and the big sister. There are times I can not imagine making it through without her.

Each of my mentors has played a role and supported me and my interest in global surgery. Without them, I—and most definitely NTSI—would not have had the strength and courage to forge ahead and continue to improve access to surgical care in low resource settings. I can only say thank you for empowering me and believing in me and my vision.

~ Mamta

Financial Support

International Infusion

NTSI is extremely grateful to International Infusion for its generous financial support of our program.


Global Health Initiative logoSeveral of our NTSI team members have received scholarships from the Center for Global Health at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine support their project work.

Global Surgery Trailblazers

NTSI’s mission of building sustainable access to surgical care through education and research in low resource settings would not be possible without the impact of these organizations on the quality of global surgical care.

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NTSI is grateful for the support of many partners on our various projects. Please visit our individual project pages to see our project partners.