The Northwestern Trauma & Surgical Initiative (NTSI) grew from the recognition of a need for an organization that would bring together people with varied skills but common interests and concerns to achieve what they could not achieve individually. The ideas of a medical student and an attending surgeon fostered a powerful team that now brings about positive changes in health care all over the world.

Why is NTSI needed?

Approximately 5 billion people in the world
have no access to basic surgical care.

This results in more deaths and disability than HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria combined. Although international priorities are starting to reflect the importance of non-communicable diseases, the provision of essential services to treat and prevent these conditions is lagging. On the world stage of global health, surgery is described as the “forgotten grand challenge of global public health.” Misconceptions as to the cost, required supplies, expert knowledge, and scope often serve as obstacles to offering surgical relief to many patient populations in the developing world. Addressing surgical disparities and access to care issues is of paramount importance, as untreated disability caused by degeneration, disease, or trauma is often a death sentence in low- and middle-income countries.

NTSI aims to build sustainable access to surgical care
through education and research in low resource settings.


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